The Shadow Show - Episode 1 001 1 0001
Shadow gets stuck


November 25 2011

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The Shadow Show - Episode 1



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Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot Shadow tells Sonic that he cant be on the show. After that, Sonic tells Shadow that hes going to stop being friends with him. Sonic tries to be in the show but he goes to Shadow at the worst times. When Shadow finds a spiderweb, he tries to get it and ends up being stuck on a high area. Meanwhile, Sonic starts to miss being friends with Shadow. When Sonic falls asleep, Yoshi figures out that Shadow might die from the impact if he falls. Yoshi goes to warn Sonic about it. Sonic rushes to Shadow and saves him. Shadow and Sonic start being friends again, and Shadow STILL doesnt let Sonic get paid for being on the show.



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