Mountain Dew
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Shadow drunk on Mountain Dew


December 9 2011



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The Shadow Show - Episode 3

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Yoshi finds Shadow drunk on Mountain Dew and Yoshi wonders what Mountain Dew is. Sonic goes to Shadow and tells him to lay off on the Mountain Dew, but Shadow doesnt listen. Sonic and Yoshi talk about Shadow's Mountain Dew problum. Shadow show up and says that he does not have a problum. Sonic and Yoshi deside to trick Shadow into an intervention by saying its a Thanksgiving dinner. Shadow then arrives at the intervention were he sees that its not Thanksgiving. Sonic then explains to Shadow what an intervention is. Sonic starts off by saying that Mountain Dew is changing his life and tells him to atleast use it less often. Bear goes on a rampage and starts throwing chairs at Shadow. Yoshi tells Shadow that hes been drinking Mountain Dew since he met him and hes been crapping in his shell because he thought it was a toilet. Sonic then asks Shadow to chill out on the Mountain Dew, but Shadow doesnt listen. Sonic tells Shadow to beat Tails up to get him to stop drinking Mountain Dew for a while. After that, Shadow desides to drink Mountain Dew, but this time, he lets everyone else have some. they realize that someone drank all the Mountain Dew. They then found out it was Tails and Shadow crushes him with the garage door. Sonic asks what they will do without Mountain Dew. Shadow then says "Wait, lets get more".