Season 1(Episode 1 - 15)

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Sonic stops being friends with Shadow. 1
Direct TV Porn 12/03/2011 Shadow becomes addicted to Direct TV Porn. Meanwhile, Yoshi tries to find something to do since Shadows watching porn. 2
Mountain Dew 12/09/2011 Shadow becomes addicted to Mountain Dew and Sonic and Yoshi try to get him help. 3
Tails Sucks 12/16/2011 Tails finally stands up for himself after all the crap his "friends" are giving him. 4
Shadow Vs. Frosty 12/23/2011 Shadow battles Frosty The Snowman's army 5
New Car Go Bye Bye 12/30/2011 When Shadow and Yoshi crash Sonics new car, Sonic tries to kill them. 6
How To Get Drunk Like Shadow In this episode, Shadow show everyone how he gets drunk. 7
What The Luck 1/13/2012 Sonic figures out that Shadow keeps getting good luck. 8
Retard Sonic Sonic accidentlly makes a retarded clone of him self 9
Nazi Zombies Shadow becomes addicted to Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies. 10
Shadows Gun Collection Sonic finds out about Shadow's gun collection 11
Switching Bodies Shadow and Sonic switch bodies by mistake. 12
F is for Fuck Shadow accidenty has sex with his mother. 13
Good Bye Douchebag Tails moves away 14
The Bailout

Sonic robs a gas station and when Shadow and Yoshi bail him out, every one starts treating Sonic diffrentlly.