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December 2 2011(delayed to December 3)

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The Shadow Show - Episode 2



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Mountain Dew

Sonic tries to reason with Shadow telling him to do some thing with his life.

Yoshi tries to see if Sonic can hang out, but Sonic had to go to work at Burger King. Before he goes to work, he checks on Shadow and realizes that hes off the couch, but Sonic realizes that hes in the fridge drinking all the booze. Yoshi says hi to him, but Shadow tells him to go away. Yoshi then goes to see what Tails is doing, but Tails tells him to go to hell. Yoshi calls him a penis, then Shadow pointed out that he didnt have one. Yoshi starts to get hungry so he goes to visit Sonic at Burger King.

Sonic starts arguing with a costumer, Bear, because he wants garbage, but they dont sell garbage at Burger King. Yoshi then tells Sonic that hes bored, then Sonic tells him to go away. Bear then comes back to go insane again.

Yoshi then thinks that he should get a job. Bear loses the big Basketball game.

Yoshi asks the Boss what he has to do, but the Boss doesnt talk clear so Yoshi quits.The Boss then gets mad at Yoshi for quiting the job.

Shadow confronts Sonic at Burger King to ask him for 50 dollars for more porn. Sonic at first said no, but Shadow offered to kill Bear. Sonic gives him the 50 dollars, but Shadow lets Bear live.

Tails attempts suicide by crushing himself with the garage door, but Shadow showed up making Tails think he was saving him, but really he didnt want Tails to crush the garage door opener.

Yoshi sees that Sonic comes home and asks to hang out. but Sonic was crabby because of a bad day with Bear. Yoshi realizes that theres nothing to do. Yoshi sees that Sonic got beat up by Bear and tells him theres nothing to do. Sonic tells Yoshi to watch Direct TV Porn with Shadow.

Yoshi asks Shadow if he could watch porn with him and Shadow says yes.